Laurel A. Torres, a resident of White Plains, NY, has been a Wilton Method Instructor since 1996.  
I am now a member of the Wilton Hall of Fame after reaching my goal of teaching 1,000 students.

"I have always loved cake decorating and baking cakes since I first played with an Easy Bake Oven back in 1968.  As a child I also spent countless hours baking in the kitchen with my grandmother who was an immigrant from Czechoslovakia.  I have such wonderful memories of baking all kinds of special pastries and baked goods with her and knew that one day I would continue to pursue something that I loved so much."

Prior to becoming an instructor, I was a principle cake decorator at Sam's Club.  I have also taken multiple courses at various vocational training programs that specialized in cake decorating techniques.   I have taught at the Rojay Party Store in Scarsdale, NY, as well as private lessons and also has taught at the Mamaroneck Continuing Education Program and Michaels in Hartsdale. I am dedicated to making sure each and every student will gain a positive experience.

I teach all levels of classes and also teach special holiday classes such as panoramic sugar egg, special fondant projects, and sugar flower making.  I am available for private lessons, individual or group and makes cakes on request for special orders.  She has been published in a few cake publications, including Mailbox News and American Cake Decorating.

My cakes have also been recently featured on Nickelodeon, Bravo Network, Major motion pictures and ABC Television.  Laurel is a member of I.C.E.S. and The New York City Cake Decorators Meetup.
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In loving memory of my 17 year old girlQueenie who passed away quietly in her sleep.  Here are pictures taken of her party in June, where she truly was the "Queen."  She is wearing the tiara after the cake was cut
I have been reunited with my childhood cake decorations!
Believe it or not, a local bakery recently went out of business and they had a liquidation sale.  Well low and behold, they had some very old vintage store stock of cake decorations and there were my circus animals!  I decided to recreate this cake for my 2006 birthday!
Here was my mother's reaction:
"Oh My GOSH!!!! They are the original animals, I remember the lion with his head up, I remember the giraffe as being the same and that adorable loving elephant!! The others I remember vaguely. Who ever thought these animals would come into your life again. As they say miracles do happen."