June/July 2005
Pansy Basket Cake
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Photo bottom right:    This colorful 6" cake was decorated with a buttercream basketweave pattern and topped with royal icing pansies in all different colors.
May/June 2005
Party Frog Cake
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Photo top left:  A sculpted frog was positioned on top of a 10 inch round, which was decorated like a pond, including chocolate ducks.  The tongue of the frog was made with a Fruit Roll Up.
September/October 2005
Kids Castle Cake
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Photo bottom left:   The 3D tree was sculpted from a pound cake and then iced with lemon buttercream stars.  The ornaments were made from chocolate foil

November/December 2005
Christmas Tree Cake
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Photo bottom left:  This magical castle was created for a little boy's birthday.  She began icing the two tiers with chocolate buttercream.  She trimmed the cake with ice cream cones, pretzles, fruit roll-up flags, and caramels

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January/February 2006
Crazy Hearts Cake
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Photo top right:  Fondant heart cutouts were laid upon a chocolate buttercream round for Valentine's Day.  The cake is trimmed with silver dragees.  
text.M E D I A
I was invited to participate in Andreaetta and Vondre Whaley's ("The Cake Couple") latest venue, an online cake book.  The book features 10 of my cakes.  Andreaetta and Vondre have put together a series of 7 cake tutorials, from how to sell your cakes, how to price, marketing vegan and diabetic cakes, how to get your cakes into restaurants, and more!

Visit their site at www.sellcakes like
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Monthly Slice
Vol. 2, Number 4: April 2006

May/June 2006
Monogram Cake
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Photo bottom left:  Chocolate monogram brushed with gold luster dust adorns the center of a sheet cake iced with dark chocolate buttercream.  The design was finished off with edible glitter.
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Sept/Oct 2006
Farm Cake
Click here for closer view of cake
Photo top right:  A barn scene constructed with half sheet cake.  The silo was made with stacked biscuits iced with buttercream.  Panels on barn/silo done in basketweave.  Farm animals were piped in royal icing
Sept/Oct 2006
Farm Cake
Click here for closer view of cake
Photo top right:  A barn scene constructed with half sheet cake.  The silo was made with stacked biscuits iced with buttercream.  Panels on barn/silo done in basketweave.  Farm animals were piped in royal icing
Jan/Feb 2007
Ace of Spades Cake
Click here for closer view of cake
Photo top right: Ace of spades created from 1/4 sheet cake iced smooth with white buttercream.  Spades and A's created with black run sugar

Jan/Feb 2007
Queen of Hearts Cake
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Photo top left: Queen of Hearts created with Wondermold pan draped in white fondant .  Cape and hood cut from pattern of red fondant.  Inlaid red and white hearts and ruffle buttercream border creates the edge of her skirt and fur trim around cape and hood.
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May/June 2007
Groovy Birthday Cake
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CAKE OF THE MONTH FOR JUNE Two round tiers smoothed in buttercream and colored with airbrush.  Sides were textured with cake comb and cake was embellished with fondant fantasy flowers, colorful ribbon curls, butterflies and 3 large pop art flowers that say "Helen is 4"

June 8, 2007 -- Yes, that was a live cow calmly chewing her cud on Central Park West yesterday - and the legendary Elsie milked the attention for all it was worth.

The curly-horned cutie visited the New York Historical Society to help mark the 150th anniversary of Borden Cheese, and celebrate the donation of founder Gail Borden's historic scrapbook to the society.

"She's a people cow - she likes people," said Hunter Lueckemeyer, who tours the country with the icon, one of its 50 spokescows.

The brown cow chowed on a special birthday cake made from oats and corn.
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To see more about this special cake that was created and to share in this very special celebration, click HERE

Certificate that was presented to me by the Publisher.
July/August 2007
Golf Cake AND Poppy Floral Cake
Click here for closer view of golf cake
Click here for closer view of Poppies

4/23/08 - Prop cake to appear in a major motion picture:  "Rebound" starring Catherine Zeta-Jones.   Film to be released in 2009
© PRN/PR Photos The co-star of Nicolas Cage in the two "National Treasure" films, Justin Bartha, has been signed to star another feature film project. The 29-year-old actor will be teaming up with Catherine Zeta-Jones in forthcoming comedy romantic film "The Rebound".  In the film is going to be the on-screen lover of Michael Douglas' wife as he is set to portray a 25-year-old man who is having an unlikely romantic relationship with his neighbor that will be played by Zeta-Jones. The shooting for the film begins sometime in April 2008 in New York.

"Rebound" that is scheduled to come out in theaters in 2009 follows the story of a young man who falls in love with an older, single-mother woman. The movie is a feature film project of "Trust the Man" writer/director Bart Freundlich. It will be produced by Mark Gill's the Film Department.
Picture of the prop sheet cake before embellished with cake decorations of army men and other figures.

The cake will be part of a birthday party scene.  It was designed to be a camouflage sheet cake.  It will be embellished with plastic army men and equipment.
JULY 2008 - NICKELODEON - "The Naked Brothers Band"
Created 96 quarts of jello for giant mold to be used on a episode of the Naked Brothers Band TV show on Nickelodeon.  Photo to left was taken on set and shows the giant jello mold being wheeled out and you can see the Naked Brothers boys in the background.

This subway cake was created for the show "Top Chef" on the Bravo Network.  It will be part of the "Top Chef Takes Manhattan" and will be used in the commerical promos for the new season

OCTOBER 2008 -
"Life on Mars" - ABC Television

This retro 1970's cowboy cake was created for use in an episode of the ABC series "Life on Mars" It was for a birthday flashback scene for the main character, Sam Tyler, played by Jason O'Mara.  Also starring  Gretchen Mol, Harvey Keitel, Michael Imperioli, Lisa Bonet


January 2009 -
Interview for Rye Middle School
I was recently interviewed by Jessica Donahue, a Rye Middle School Student attending a specific career based class called Beyond RMS. In this class students learn about various careers. As part of the project the student must research a career of interest to them that they would like to pursue the most.  Jessica stated that she would like to become a cake decorator because she always like that show "Ace of Cakes" and loves being creative and doing hands-on things. After visiting my site, Jessica conducted the following interview with me

1.)What are the pros and cons of your job?    The pros are definitely the happiness that I bring to peoples lives when they receive their special cake.  Most events are very special and it is a joy to be a part of their joy.  The cons are it can get very messy sometimes, clean up takes a while, the biggest con is when your cake doesn’t turn out exactly how you though or if something goes wrong in the middle of the process and you don’t have a lot of time to correct it.

2.) What do you feel is the best thing about your job? the hardest thing?  Pretty much the same as above.  In addition the hardest thing is when you have a creative block and you need to come up with a great idea/design and you are stuck and the clock is ticking!

3.) What skills and interests do you think one must have to become a cake decorator?  First and foremost you have to have the desire and dedication to perfect your art.  You can learn the basic skills but you must practice them over and over and over and over again until you can do them in your sleep.  You have to have a lot of patience!  Having an interest in arts, colors, latest trends always helps.

4.) What education did you have to become a cake decorator? It depends on how far you want to go with your career.  You first need to take some basic “core” cake decorating classes to learn how to operate the tools and make different types of icing that will be used for different decorating techniques.  Some people want to also master baking skills, so they go on to culinary classes and obtain a degree.  On the job training is also the best way to learn.

5.) What influenced you to become a cake decorator?  As a child, I always wanted to have an Easy Bake Oven but I never got my own, I use to play with my neighbors.  My grandmother migrated here from Czechoslovakia and I use to spend a lot of time with her in the kitchen as she loved to bake.  I loved to look at confections, cookies, cakes in beautiful bakery windows and I just had a desire to try to do them myself.  I also started reading a lot of magazines and books with all kinds of different cakes/styles in them and I just thought it would be fun to try it myself.

6.) What is a typical day on the job? No day is typical because you never know what kind of jobs you are going to get.  You can be overloaded one day and have no orders the next day.  In between orders it is typical to just keep trying new techniques, order supplies, keep everything you need in stock, shop, read cake books, etc so you are always ready for the next job.

7.) What training did you take?  I took a course at my local vocational school, which taught me the basics.  Then I took an advanced class that taught me a little bit more specialized techniques. I also spent a lot of time reading cake books & magazines.  Then I actually started working decorating cakes “hands on” at Sam’s Club.  Before I knew it, I was starting my own cakes!

8.) Do you see yourself still working at this job ten years from now?  Hmmm, hard to say, I would say probably yes, as I just love the creative aspect of the job.

9.) What techniques do you use when decorating a cake? It varies from job to job.  Depends on how intense the design is.  I use a wide variety of decorating techniques and lots of different materials to create whatever effect the
customer needs.

10.)  How did you start your own business and how did you become so successful?  The more cakes I kept doing for friends and family as practice the more people kept staying I was talented enough to start my own cake business so that’s what I did.  My success comes from always making sure the customer gets what they want and trying to work within their budget to create what they want as a cake can cost anywhere from $30.00 to thousands! 

11.) Are you happy with where your job has taken you in life and why?  YES YES YES!  I love what I do.  I have met soooooooooooooo many wonderful people who started as customers and have now become friends!  It is nice to get recommended to a job and see so much joy when you deliver the finished product. 

Wedding Cake for Alexa Wilding.  You can visit her website here:

The Dictator is an upcoming 2012 film by Sacha Baron Cohen. Cohen's fourth film will "tell the heroic story of a dictator who risked his life to ensure that democracy would never come to the country he so lovingly oppressed", according to Paramount Pictures, which will distribute the film. Larry Charles, who previously directed Baron Cohen's mockumentaries Borat and Brüno, will also direct the film. Baron Cohen will star alongside Ben Kingsley and Anna Faris
Dummy Grenade molded out of gumpaste
Huge 3 tier cake designed from specifications according to the scene of the movie.  It measured 18x24, 16x20, 12x12 and was VERY heavy!


It’s prom season at NewYork-Presbyterian Hospital! Despite their chronic and life-threatening illnesses, approximately 100 patients from Morgan Stanley Children’s Hospital and their guests celebrated this rite of passage at the Wintergarden.

Professional hairstylists and makeup artists provided the full salon treatment prior to the big event. Patients were decked out in prom gowns and formal wear generously provided by Bloomingdale’s and anonymous donors. Afterwards they danced their way down the red carpet upon entering the “Music Mash-Up”-themed ballroom.

Every aspect of the prom was planned by the Hospital’s Children’s Helping Advisory Team (C.H.A.T.), a group of teen patients who volunteer their time to making the Hospital a better place. The C.H.A.T. members assist in creating a positive Hospital stay, helping fellow patients, advocating for patient’s rights and fostering teamwork. The prom is made possible with financial support from an anonymous donor and the Marisa Poster Kids for Kids Foundation.